Deep Roots and a Strong Foundation 

To cultivate Tao is to cultivate the heart; propagate the way and let the spirit emanate; practice the way of compassion and speak words of conscience.  Interpersonal connections are dependent upon the heart, as the heart is the quintessence of the conscience.  Hence, the deeper the roots, the stronger the foundation.  Therefore, one will be able to cultivate Tao without wavering even when faced with challenges, and to remain steadfast when propagating Tao. 

Loving Nature: Revealing the Beauty of Humankind

Maitreya Buddha is the tangible expression of the beauty of nature, as well as the epitome of the beauty of humankind.  Maitreya Buddha teaches us that when every individual reveals their inner grace, we can attain liberation, be blessed with a happy family, a harmonious society, a prosperous country, and peace on earth. 

Ode to Loving Nature

The heavens and earth are like our parents, and as such, the eight billion fellow citizens of the world are one family.  Birds that fly in the sky, creatures that roam the land, and fish that swim in the water are kindred.  Flowers, the grass, and trees are likewise members within the paradise of a nature family. 

The Guidance of Maitreya Buddha

Only by accepting the guidance of Maitreya Buddha can one practice an invaluable, meaningful, and righteous faith.  Righteous faith is the proper outlook regarding belief, life, survival, way of life, values, and aesthetic living. 

Three Chinese Sages Who Influenced the World

Lao Tzu’s doctrine of inaction, allowing things to take their own natural course of action, is a return to the divine.  This is a civilization of enlightened awareness of the divine as the source of origin. The teachings of Confucius with regard to benevolence and humanism as foundations for interpersonal relationships.  This is a civilization for the collective good of the entire world. The joyful altruism of the BuDai Maitreya is for the benefit of all humanity in pursuit of a universal family.  This is a civilization of a kingdom on earth of enlightened and wise people. 

A Path of Survival for Humanity

「A Path of Survival for Humanity」  - Life bestowed by the Heavens is of incomparable dignity, supremacy, and equality.  It is imperative for all of humanity to travel the most profound path of mental and spiritual civilization.


Intuitive Knowledge and Inner Faith 

The essential role of rational knowledge is to help people gain a better understanding and greater awareness of the fundamental significance, dignity, and true meaning of life. 

Universal Belief in One Divinity

Life bestowed by the Heavens is of incomparable dignity, supremacy, and equality.  The capability to respect oneself, and respect the sanctity of the dignity of all lives, is a quality of a civilized and cultured person.  Only by sharing the aspiration and philosophy of a Universal Family can humankind reach the pinnacle of the evolution of survival.  The realization of a Universal Belief in One Divinity ensures the sustainable survival and existence of humanity.